The LEARJET 45 offers high speed and high altitude performances.


To guarantee a smooth and pleasant flight, the whole PRIVAJET team ensures at each step of the flight preparation that everything is taken care of.
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With a generous interior, superior performance and above average head and shoulder room, the Learjet 45 offers speed and comfort, making it a viable option for anyone in search of a high-performing, cost-effective super light jet. 

This Super Light Jet boasts the best climb rate of its category and has a high-speed cruise. With its max altitude of 51000 feet, it is allowing travel above commercial air traffic and potentially disruptive weather.

The aircraft’s high-altitude flight capability and stabilising technology ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight for all those onboard.


1 Captain and 1 First Officer. A Flight Attendant can be made available upon request.


The six meter long and one and a half meter high cabin accommodates eight passengers, in a double club layout, on plush reclining seats that swivel and track. Functional and comfortable, the cabin features foldout tables to complete work during the flight as well as separate temperature controls for passengers and crew.

The aircraft has 8 seats in the cabin, but one passenger can sit on the toilet.

This jet features 50 cubic feet of baggage storage, fifteen of which is accessible in flight for passenger convenience. Capable of accommodating 225 Kg of luggage (9 suitcases), the Learjet 45 offers plenty of capacity to fit your baggage needs. With a maximum cabin pressure differential of 9.4 psi, the Learjet 45 is capable of maintaining a sea level cabin altitude at an altitude of 25,700 feet.

Passengers (max) : 9


Length :  19.75ft /. 6.02mt   
Width :   5.12ft / 1.56mt
Height :  4.92ft / 1.5mt


The Learjet 45 comes equipped with two Honeywell TFE731-20BR turbofan engines. Each engine is rated at 3,500 pounds of thrust at take-off. These engines operate with a fuel consumption rate of 198 gallons per hour, rendering the Learjet 45 an economic option.
The Learjet 45 requires as little as 4,350 feet of runway to take off at an airport at sea level elevation on a standard day.
With four passengers onboard, the range of the Learjet 45 reaches 1,700 nautical miles. For a swift flight, the Learjet 45 is capable of maintaining an airspeed of 456 knots at an altitude of 41,000 feet in a high-speed cruise configuration.
The avionics system selected for the Learjet 45 is the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite. Incorporated in this suite are four display screens two of which function as primary flight displays (PFDs) while the remaining two serve as multifunction displays (MFDs). The engines feature a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system, allowing for maximum engine efficiency and performance while reducing pilot workload and operating costs.

IFR Range: 1700 nm / 3148 km
Cruise Speed: 465 KTAS / 861 km/h
Certified Ceiling: 51000 ft / 15545 m
Rate of Climb: 2820 ft/m / 860 m/m
Take-off Distance: 5040 ft / 1536 m
Landing Distance: 2660 ft / 811 m
Max Take-off Weight: 21500 lbs / 9752 kg
Max Landing Weight: 19200 lbs / 8709 kg
Useful Weight: 7387 lbs / 3351 kg
Payload with Full Fuel: 1575 lbs / 714 kg





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