For flying to always remain a pleasure, PRIVAJET can fully manage your aircraft.
As each customer has specific needs, we work together to devise tailor-made solutions.


Management de spécialistes

PRIVAJET accompanies you in the acquisition and daily management of your aircraft…



Gestion sur mesure

PRIVAJET has successfully demonstrated its capacity to manage aircraft on behalf of private owners…



Outils en temps réel

PRIVAJET has developed its own information technology tools enabling owners to have permanent financial visibility…



PRIVAJET has the capacity and experience to take responsibility for the purchase and sale of the aircraft, its registration, fitting out the cabin, all administrative and legal tasks, recruitment and continuous training of the crews. With its teams of pilots, dispatchers, operations agents and technical support, PRIVAJET retains retains complete control over the preparation and implementation of your flights. We also ensure comprehensive operational and financial monitoring in real time, negotiate contracts on your behalf, monitor airworthiness, and schedule and supervise maintenance operations.


If you wish to hire out your aircraft on the Charter market and thus generate revenues when you don’t use it, PRIVAJET offers you the opportunity to manage it in "Public Transport" and take care of marketing it. An alternative involves entrusting your aircraft’s management under "Private Transport", meaning that it will remain reserved for the exclusive use of yourself and those close to you.


Acquiring an aircraft and then entrusting its management and operation to an airline is a long and complex process where the assistance of competent and independent professionals is needed. A host of financial, legal, operational and technical parameters have to be taken into consideration. PRIVAJET remains perfectly in control of these issues and can rely on its experience in managing aircraft for private owners, on its teams’ skills and on its network of reliable and loyal partners.
For its customers under Aircraft Management, PRIVAJET brings in its in-house teams of qualified engineers to ensure inspection and monitoring of the airworthiness of its aircraft. More generally, PRIVAJET supervises all maintenance operations performed by third parties, including :
■ all routine or exceptional maintenance interventions,
■ upgrades, amendments, Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Instructions,
■ Operations Manual revisions.

PRIVAJET advises and accompanies you at each stage on major projects (cabin alterations, upgrading the avionics, etc.). We also ensure follow-up for the related administrative and regulatory aspects.


Each customer entrusting management of their aircraft to an airline has their own specific objectives. At PRIVAJET, our policy is to design tailor-made proposals that respond to those objectives.
Good communication and establishing relations of mutual trust with the Owner are the keys to successful management of an aircraft. That’s why we prefer to work through a lean structure where we appoint an Aircraft Manager dedicated to each Owner to become your prime point of contact.
To maintain the quality of our service and remain responsive to our Customers, we only wish to cater for a reduced number of owners.


Access to reliable and up-to-date financial data in real time is a major advantage in the daily management of an aircraft.
To achieve this, PRIVAJET has developed its own software tailored to Aircraft Management. Details of the revenues generated by charter flights, expenditure on the crew, on operating the aircraft and maintenance are instantly assimilated by our system and categorised. The Owner can then access these data directly at any time for either in full detail or in the form of a financial summary via the secure Intranet.


PRIVAJET is a specialist in chartering of long-haul VVIP aircraft. As one of the best appreciated and most reliable operators on the market, we seek to offer you the very highest standards of quality, service and safety.


Boeing business jet

19 passengers, bedroom, office/bedroom, 2 bathrooms, etc.



To guarantee you have a pleasant and uneventful flight, the PRIVAJET teams make certain that at each stage nothing is left to chance, whether when preparing the flight, during your trip and on arrival.


Boeing business jet

PRIVAJET has a constant concern to answer to all your expectations right down to the slightest detail…


Contact 24/7 : +356 2778 1559 and info@privajet.com



On board our BBJ, a VVIP cabin has been specially fitted out to host up to 19 people. For the greatest possible passenger comfort, the space has been divided into four zones :

■ a relaxation area : to the front of the cabin, the main lounge has one sofa to seat 5 people, a club 2 as well as one individual club seat. This area also includes a bathroom with shower, toilets and underfloor heating.

■ a dining area : the dining room, located in the centre of the cabin, is equipped with a table for 6 guests. It also makes a perfect meeting space.

■ a work area : the closed office provides a studious work area and offers a sofa to seat 5, a club seat and a table around which 5 passengers can meet comfortably. A double bed can also be drawn out to provide a second closed bedroom.

■ a rest area : to the rear of the aircraft, the isolated and independent bedroom is equipped with a Queen size bed and a private bathroom including a spacious shower cubicle and toilets.

Our aircraft also offers all the very latest equipment both for communication (satellite telephone, fax and printer) and relaxation (films, games, music, etc.)

Thanks to its additional fuel tanks, our Boeing BJ holds the record for range among the BBJ currently available on the charter market, with more than 12 hours flying time and capable of covering 10,200 km (6,340 miles). ETOPS 180 certification gives us the additional advantage of being able to take the most direct routes.

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Cabin layout : Boeing Business Jet 9H-BBJ : 19 passengers

Galley Crew rest Vip lounge Dining/conference Office/guest bedroom Guest lavatory Master lavatory Master bedroom Cockpit Galley Crew lavatory
Move your mouse over the cabin layout to get more information

Standard crew includes

1 Captain, 1 First Officer, 1 flight Engineer, 2 Flight Attendants and 1 Flying Chef


Passengers : 19
Beds : 2 double (Queen size) beds and 8 single berths - total of 12 sleeping berths
Showers : 2 showers, total 680 litres (180 US Gallons)
Table (Conference / Meals) : 6 seats
Leisure : 4 independent areas with DVD / CD players; Audio/Video On Demand ; Airshow; iPod/iPhone/iPad connectors; 4 HD TV screens and iPads for all passengers
Communication : Satcom 6-channel telephone; fax
Internet : broadband WiFi
Voltage : 115 and 230 Volts
Air conditioning and humidifier


Surface area : 75 m² (810 sq.ft)
Width x Length x Height : 3,53 x 24 x 2,16 m (11,58 x 78,74 x 7,09 ft)
Luggage capacity (cargo compartment) : 35 items


Cruising speed : 850 km/h (530 mph)
Maximum altitude : 12 500 m (41 000 ft)
Max. range : 10 200 km (6 340 Nm) with 16 passengers
Range with max. load : 8 900 km (4 800 Nm)

Galley equipment

2 steam ovens, microwave oven, freezer compartment, open bar, Nespresso coffee machine

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Our Sales and Customer Support teams are available 24/7 to work on your orders and answer any questions. Please contact us on +356 27 78 15 59 or info@privajet.com to obtain a quotation or information on our empty-legs.


As your flight is being prepared, our Customer Support Department will remain in permanent contact with you to respond to your catering, press or other wishes. We also manage your transfers by limousine or helicopter as required. The person assigned to you coordinates your flight with your Broker or Personal Assistant, and ensures that everything is up to your expectations.
You can thus live out a unique and unforgettable experience.


Experience, professionalism and discretion

All our crew members are recruited from among the best professionals in the sector and have international experience of working for VVIP passengers and Heads of State. They benefit from continuous training in service and safety, going well beyond what is required by current legislation.
We regularly welcome on board Heads of State as well as many business personalities and artists. The greatest discretion is absolutely essential for all concerned.


To offer you bespoke service, we assign the same crew members as often as is possible.
Every instruction we receive is forwarded to the crew. That way we adapt the cabin to your stated preferences.
Whether it be for your favourite dishes or your selection of newspapers and magazines, you will settle into a familiar environment with each flight.
Wherever you are around the world, our Michelin starred Flying Chefs provide irreproachable VVIP catering. Shortly before the flight, our Chief Hostess coordinates all orders so as to ensure the freshness, the quantity and variety of products, as well as their origin, so as to ensure that passenger requirements are always fully satisfied.

Leisure and Communication

Among the leisure facilities on board our aircraft, the crew offers you :
■ a wide choice of the latest films available in your language(s),
■ a varied music library,
■ your favourite newspaper and magazines,
■ board games
If you wish to work or communicate with the ground, our hostesses will explain how to connect with the Internet on Wi-Fi, how to use the satellite telephone, the fax and the printer.

Our Sales and Customer Support teams are available 24/7 to work on your orders and answer any questions. Please contact us on +356 27 78 15 59 or info@privajet.com to obtain a quotation or information on our empty-legs.



As an airline certified by Maltese Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and EU-OPS (the European regulations for airline operations and safety) standards, PRIVAJET guarantees that its aircraft are monitored and operated in the very best safety conditions possible.
The commercial operation of an aircraft on the Charter market brings with it the need to comply with the highest level of control in terms of safety and training. That’s why all our crews and staff involved in operating our aircraft are specially trained and subject to inspection. Both employees and aircraft are frequently subject to routine inspections.

At PRIVAJET, all in-house procedures are drawn up, validated and checked by our Quality and Safety Departments, in accordance with European legal requirements.
In addition, an airline is regularly subjected to technical audits by the Civil Aviation Authority.
PRIVAJET expertise in maintenance has been recognised by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) issuing us with CAMO Part M certification. PRIVAJET engineering teams are authorised to intervene directly with commercial and private airlines to ensure airworthiness monitoring for all their aircraft.


Safety, an absolute priority

At each stage when preparing flights, as also during maintenance operations, crew training, and of course when in flight, safety is naturally considered to be the absolute priority at PRIVAJET.
For each flight, the standard crew includes a Captain, a First Officer, a Flight Engineer, a Flying Chef and two Flight Attendants.
Internally, our Quality and Safety Departments check out and adapt the airline’s procedures so as always to offer the best level of safety for our operations in accordance with the standards required by the European Civil Aviation Authorities.

Privajet at the forefront of innovation

Our aircraft are provided with the most recent and reliable certified safety systems to be found on the market. PRIVAJET was the first and only airline in the world recently selected by an equipment manufacturer to test a last generation communication system in real conditions over several months.
PRIVAJET is also one of the very first European airlines to have developed a Flight Risk assessment tool for use internally within the scope of its Safety Management System programme. Prior to each flight, a systematic evaluation of risks is conducted by Operations taking into account the following parameters:
■ weather conditions,
■ geographical location,
■ airport facilities,
■ air routes followed,
■ flight time,
■ number of stopovers,
■ air routes
Since its very creation, PRIVAJET has made the following available to its crews:
■ a collaborative system hosted on its Intranet to make it easy to share information,
■ iPads bringing together the real time update operational documentation and flight data for instant access by pilots and flight engineers for flight preparation and monitoring.


PRIVAJET crews regularly undergo training, both with our partners (Boeing and FlightSafety) and internally with our training pilots.
Alongside this, they regularly do simulator training with qualified instructors in the best centres. Our crews successfully undergo all the regular checks provided for by Civil Aviation regulations.
They are also trained to use the MedAire emergency medical kits our aircraft are equipped with.

+ Click here to see PRIVAJET’s list of certifications

PRIVAJET has the following certifications :

AOC M-12 issued by the TM-CAD (Transport Malta) in March 2010 for BBJ types
PART129 issued by the FAA (USA)
TSA Waiver issued by the FAA (USA)
VISA Waiver Program Agreement issued by the Dept. of Homeland Security (USA)
ETOPS 180 min for the BBJ
Maintenance EASA CAMO PART M Subpart G and I

we build every client relationship
like a partnership


PRIVAJET is a European company specialised in the Management and chartering of large capacity business jets.

PRIVAJET currently operates a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) in the 19-passenger version and employs fifteen people. This makes us one of the specialists and leaders on this market for very large VVIP cabins.

Since its creation in 2010, PRIVAJET has sought to remain very much a customer oriented company, always ready to adapt to their needs.

PRIVAJET grants pride of place to technological innovation. This means you get to benefit from the best solutions available on the market.

2012 was a landmark year in PRIVAJET’s development. With its strong background with a well-established and respected customer base, PRIVAJET has joined a major European aeronautical group specialized in operating business jets and helicopters.


Our Sales and Customer Support teams are available 24h/7 to work on your requests and answer all your questions.
Contact us by phone +356 27 78 15 59 Or by email info@privajet.com for a quote or information about our empty-legs.

Portomaso Business Tower
Level 5, Suite 3
St Julian’s STJ 4011


New interior cabin Boeing 9H-BBJ

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