At Privajet, we systematically consider safety to be the priority.

As an airline certified by Maltese Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and EU Air Operations Regulation (the European regulations for airline operations and safety) standards, PRIVAJET guarantees that its aircraft are monitored and operated in the very best safety conditions possible.
The commercial operation of an aircraft on the Charter market brings with it the need to comply with the highest level of control in terms of safety and training. That’s why all our crews and staff involved in operating our aircraft are specially trained and subject to inspection. Both employees and aircraft are frequently subject to routine inspections.

At PRIVAJET, all in-house procedures are drawn up, validated and checked by our Compliance and Safety Departments, in accordance with European legal requirements.
In addition, an airline is regularly subjected to technical audits by the Civil Aviation Authority.
PRIVAJET expertise in maintenance has been recognised by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) issuing us with CAMO certification. PRIVAJET engineering teams are authorised to intervene directly with commercial and private airlines to ensure airworthiness monitoring for all their aircraft.



At each stage when preparing flights, as also during maintenance operations, crew training, and of course when in flight, safety is naturally considered to be the absolute priority at PRIVAJET.

Internally, our Quality and Safety Departments check out and adapt the airline’s procedures so as always to offer the best level of safety for our operations in accordance with the standards required by the European Civil Aviation Authorities.


Our aircraft are provided with the most recent and reliable certified safety systems to be found on the market. PRIVAJET was the first and only airline in the world selected by an equipment manufacturer to test a last generation communication system in real conditions over several months.
PRIVAJET is also one of the very first European airlines to have developed a Flight Risk assessment tool for use internally within the scope of its Safety Management System programme. Prior to each flight, a systematic evaluation of risks is conducted by Operations taking into account the following parameters :

  • weather conditions
  • geographical location
  • airport facilities
  • air routes followed
  • flight time
  • number of stopovers
  • air routes

Since its very creation, PRIVAJET has made the following available to its crews :

  • a collaborative system hosted on its Intranet to make it easy to share information.
  • iPads bringing together the real time update operational documentation and flight data for instant access by pilots and flight engineers for flight preparation and monitoring.

Sécurité pilote


PRIVAJET crews regularly undergo training, both with our partners and internally with our training pilots. 

Alongside this, they regularly do simulator training with qualified instructors in the best centres. Our crews successfully undergo all the regular checks required by EASA.

They are also trained to use the emergency medical kits our aircraft are equipped with.