PRIVAJET has built a team of professionals, and gathers the best specialists to support its customers with all their projects : acquisitions, management, charter, cabin upgrades…



PRIVAJET has the capacity and experience to take responsibility for the purchase and sale of the aircraft, its registration, fitting out the cabin, all administrative and legal tasks, recruitment and continuous training of the crews. With its teams of pilots, dispatchers, operations agents and technical support, PRIVAJET retains complete control over the preparation and implementation of your flights. We also ensure comprehensive operational and financial monitoring in real time, negotiate contracts on your behalf, monitor airworthiness, and schedule and supervise maintenance operations.



If you wish to hire out your aircraft on the Charter market and thus generate revenues when you don’t use it, PRIVAJET can manage your aircraft in "Public Transport" and take care of marketing it.
An alternative involves entrusting your aircraft’s management under "Private Transport", meaning that it will remain reserved for the exclusive use of yourself and those close to you. For enhanced flexibility, private or public transport option can be selected differently on every flight.


PRIVAJET offers its clients what the large operators can’t always deliver: a fine and tailor-made management, built on a relationship that cultivates a daily open communication and attention to details.


Acquiring an aircraft and then entrusting its management and operation to an airline is a long and complex process where the assistance of competent and independent professionals is needed. A host of financial, legal, operational and technical parameters have to be taken into consideration. PRIVAJET remains perfectly in control of these issues and can rely on its experience in managing aircraft for private owners, on its teams’ skills and on its network of reliable and loyal partners. 
For its customers under Aircraft Management, PRIVAJET brings in its in-house teams of qualified engineers to ensure inspection and monitoring of the airworthiness of its aircraft. More generally, PRIVAJET supervises all maintenance operations performed by third parties, including :

  • all routine or exceptional maintenance interventions ;
  • upgrades, amendments, Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Instructions,
  • Operations Manual revisions.

PRIVAJET advises and accompanies you at each stage on major projects (cabin alterations, upgrading the avionics, etc.). We also ensure follow-up for the related administrative and regulatory aspects.



Each customer entrusting management of their aircraft to an airline has their own specific objectives. At PRIVAJET, our policy is to design tailor-made proposals that respond to those objectives.
Good communication and establishing relations of mutual trust with the Owner are the keys to successful management of an aircraft. That’s why we prefer to work through a lean structure where we appoint an Aircraft Manager dedicated to each Owner to become your prime point of contact. 
To maintain the quality of our service and remain responsive to our Customers, we only wish to cater for a reduced number of owners.


Access to reliable and up-to-date financial data in real time is a major advantage in the daily management of an aircraft.


To achieve this, PRIVAJET has developed its own software tailored to Aircraft Management. Details of the revenues generated by charter flights, expenditure on the crew, on operating the aircraft and maintenance are instantly assimilated by our system and categorised. The Owner can then access this data directly at any time for either in full detail or in the form of a financial summary via the secure Intranet.